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Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst

Job Summary

Arsenal (https://witharsenal.com/) is a Kickstarter-backed technology company that is seeking a full-time QA Analyst. The most crowdfunded camera gadget ever, Arsenal is growing rapidly and looking for talented, driven individuals to join our team. This is a great opportunity to join an early stage company that presents professional and financial growth opportunities as the business expands.

The QA Analyst position will primarily be responsible for executing test procedures and performing other validations to evaluate functionality of a mobile app (Android and Apple versions) interacting with a hardware device (our product) that connects to various DSLR or mirrorless cameras (over 100 are supported). Test procedures are designed to validate connectivity and core functionality with different types of cameras while using various phones with different Operating Systems, OS versions, and phone manufacturers/models. Testing in this multivariate environment requires strong attention to detail, a methodical approach to debugging, ability to document and communicate issues or recommendations clearly, and consistency of execution.

The QA Analyst will work closely with the CEO and CTO of the company at various stages of the product life cycle. They will also work with the COO and the Support team when new bugs are discovered. An applicant also must be willing to research and self-teach as new challenges are encountered. As is common in a startup, we are also looking for someone that will be flexible in both the level of role they perform and the types of challenges they work on. A self-starter that works largely independently and is willing to adapt is a must for the position.

Responsibilities and Duties

Responsibilities include:

  • Execute a series of existing testing procedures
  • Evaluate, improve, and document these testing procedures
  • Identify, replicate, debug, and document any failure points in multivariate environments
    • When stuck, think of creative ways to research root causes of the issues encountered
  • Use experience and judgement to identify any inconsistencies or poor user experiences not covered by the testing procedure
  • Make suggestions on how to improve the UI/UX by leveraging known best practices or based on judgement

Qualifications and Skills

Our best QA Analyst candidates will:

  • Have demonstrated success in multivariate testing environments
  • Be methodical in approach and documentation
  • Think creatively about identifying root causes
  • Possess strong knowledge of mobile phones and mobile app testing procedures
  • Have strong communication and documentation skills
  • Ability to automate QA processes a plus
  • Knowledge and use of DSLR/Mirrorless cameras a strong plus
  • Be able to learn quickly
  • Not be afraid to solve problems or raise issues
  • Be flexible and very engaged in a startup environment

Required experience:

  • Quality Assurance or similar: 2+ years

Job Location:

  • From our office in Bozeman, Montana required
  • Short-term remote due to COVID-19 is an option; some WFH available

Job Type: Full-time

To apply please send your resume to apply@witharsenal.com.