Meet Arsenal, the AI photography assistant

The Best Settings, Every Time

Arsenal’s Smart Assistant uses state of the art AI to choose the best settings for each shot. By looking at the scene you’re shooting, its AI can search a database of thousands of photos to choose the best settings. It then refines those settings using 18 different factors. The result is the perfect settings, no matter what you’re photographing.

AI with Style

Arsenal’s AI is trained on millions of popular online photos. Arsenal’s deep learning neural network identifies similar photos to the subject you're shooting, and clusters those settings based on style. It then uses the most popular cluster and adjusts those settings based on 18 different factors to customize the settings to your shot.

Settings Optimized for the Shot

Smart Assistant customizes settings based on the lens and camera you're using, and how they perform in different situations. Is your lens weaker at certain apertures? Arsenal will move settings to avoid those weaknesses. Sitting atop your camera, Arsenal’s accelerometer can judge exactly how stable your camera is. It can then choose the perfect shutter speed to get sharp photos without noise.

Sharper Photos

Smart Assistant chooses a focus position in the scene to maximize sharpness. You can also tell it what you want in focus and what you don’t, and Arsenal will balance the right focus position, aperture, and shutter speed to make sure everything is sharp.

Live View with Your Phone

Phones and tablets typically have at least 3 times the resolution and 2 times the brightness of a camera’s rear screen. Arsenal gives you live view on your phone, making it easier to see exactly what your shot will look like. The compose tool gives you grids and a level to make sure you photo is perfectly composed.

Focus with a Tap

With the focus tool, you can tap to focus on a single point, or select multiple points and Arsenal will make sure they are all in focus. To make things even clearer, focus peaking highlights what’s in focus in red.

Expose Your Way

The exposure tool lets you tap to expose for one or more areas. The zebra stripes option lets you quickly see if any part of the photo is overexposed.

Manual Settings

If you prefer shooting in manual, Arsenal gives you all of the tools you need to ensure great photos. Quickly change settings and see the settings updated in live view.

Stacking Made Easy

If there’s one “secret of the pros” in landscape and real-estate photography, it’s stacking. Taking multiple photos and merging them together to capture detail that is lost in a single exposure. Arsenal makes stacking easy. It can take the optimal number of photos at the right settings, then merge the photos to a new RAW or JPG file. The new file is written back to the SD card and can be previewed on your phone.

Always Shoot the Sweet Spot

Sharp landscape photos can get lots of attention. But getting sharp photos isn’t easy. Normally you have to balance shooting at higher apertures to keep everything in focus, and shooting closer to the sweet spot to get higher sharpness. Arsenal can automatically take multiple photos at different focus positions (at the lenses sharpest aperture) to create incredibly sharp shots. Arsenal can calculate the right focus positions and move the focus ring on any autofocus lens.

Great Shots in Tricky Light

Dynamic range describes the ability of a camera to capture something bright and dark at the same time. Even with today's high dynamic range cameras, it’s very common to lose details in the highlights or shadows. Sunsets, windows in indoor scenes, light through trees, all require at last 16 stops of dynamic range to capture. Unfortunately, even today's best cameras max out at 15 stops. Arsenal takes multiple photos at different shutter speeds to capture all of the missed detail, then merges the photos for you. It can automatically detect when detail is being lost and take multiple photos only when needed.

Loooooong Exposures

There’s something about long exposures everyone loves. Soft clouds and smooth water can really isolate a subject and simplify an otherwise complex scene. Normally you need expensive ND filters to get sharp photos. Arsenal can combine multiple photos, averaging the pixel values to generate long exposures without the need for ND filters. This technique also avoids issues you normally see with long exposures like hot pixels.

The Best Photo Review Period

I’ve spent way too much time thinking how to improve reviewing photos. I was sick of not knowing if I had any good shots until I unloaded the SD card on my computer. I’m happy to say Arsenal’s photo review process is the best there is. (That’s not just me trying to sell it, wait until you try it)

Crazy Fast

You should be able to flip through your photos quickly, find the one you want, and instantly zoom in at full resolution. Arsenal’s dual caching system makes it so you can flip through photos as quickly as you can flick your finger. Arsenal’s progressive loading means you can review your photos within ½ of a second of taking the photo. Full resolution zoom is ready within 3 seconds. *1
*1 - on most cameras

Share Instantly

You can even skip the computer review all together. Arsenal lets you share the full resolution photo right from your phone. Instagram, Facebook, 500px are just a tap away. Or you can send the photo to Lightroom mobile for RAW editing right from your phone.


Photos starred in the Arsenal app will have the rating when it’s imported into Lightroom.

Full Resolution Zoom

Ever notice how hard it is to judge a photo on the back of your camera? Cameras create a lower quality version of photos to use for review. Zooming in 1:1 on the back of a camera often isn’t actually 1:1, meaning when you get it on the computer, you realize you missed focus, had a dust spot, etc. Arsenal lets you zoom in 1:1, on the original photo, on your phone; making it easy to be sure you get exactly the shot you wanted.

Never Miss the Moment

Arsenal can trigger a shot, even if you're not around. If you want to be in a shot, you can use the time delay to get ready. The motion detect trigger is great for wildlife. Smile detection makes it easy to get the perfect portrait photo.

Timelapse - Reinvented

Currently timelapse photography can be incredibly tedious and involves a lot of guesswork. Arsenal tries to simplify the process.

Live Timelapse Preview

To start, Arsenal's timelapse screen lets you watch back a 1080p preview of your timelapse, while its still being taken. No more waiting for hours only to find out you missed focus, or your lens fogged up.

No Phone Needed

Once you start your timelapse, you don’t need your phone anymore. Arsenal will run the timelapse until it’s complete. Come back any time to check on the progress, or make changes while it’s still running.

Smooth Day to Night Transitions

Arsenal can look at each photo after it's taken and judges the correct exposure for the next shot. You specify the range's for ISO, aperture, and shutter, and Arsenal changes settings to ensure a smooth exposure ramp. With timelapse exposure compensation you can fine tune Arsenal's auto exposure.

The Hardware

  • 6 hour battery life
  • 100 feet range
  • Charge while in use (via a 2nd micro usb connection)
  • Charge your camera while in use  * on supported cameras
  • Strong polycarbonate case
  • LED status indicator (for timelapses, bracketing, etc..)

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