Is my camera compatible with Arsenal?

Arsenal works with many of the most popular DSLR and mirrorless camera models. To see if your camera will be supported at launch, search for your model on our Supported Cameras List.

We plan to support additional models in the future. Currently we recommend only using Arsenal with cameras on the supported list.

When will Arsenal ship?

Arsenal is currently in preproduction, with our first production run happening in early 2018. We're taking a limited number of preorders now at a discount over the final price. Preorders made now are scheduled to ship in December 2018. We'll be taking orders that ship out right away later this year.

What countries does Arsenal ship to?

Arsenal ships to most countries. Check if we ship to your country here.

What phones are compatible with the Arsenal app?

Arsenal lets you control your camera from any modern iOS or Android smartphone. Arsenal will support any iOS phone running 9.0 or newer, and any Android phone running KitKat (4.4) or newer.

Can I use Arsenal from an iPad or Android tablet?

When Arsenal ships, the app will only support phones. We plan to support iOS and Android tablets in mid 2018.

What's in the box?

Arsenal ships with:

  • 1 Arsenal hardware device
  • 1 USB cable for connecting to your supported camera
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 USB wall adapter for charging (USA-style plug for USA and Canada orders only)

Is Arsenal waterproof?

No, Arsenal is not waterproof, and we haven’t had it tested for water resistance. We’ve used Arsenal in some wet situations and it’s held up fine so far, but we recommend keeping it dry.

How long does the battery last?

Short answer: Approximately four to five hours with typical use.

Long answer: Arsenal’s battery life completely depends on environmental conditions, how you use it, and on which camera. If you’re doing a lot of stacking the battery will drain faster. If you will be shooting for more than four hours at a time, please plan on charging. To make that easier, Arsenal can be charged while in use through a micro USB-compatible battery pack (not included).

How is Arsenal charged? Can Arsenal be charged while it's being used?

Yes, in addition to the USB port for connecting your camera, there is a second micro-USB port for charging.

Can Arsenal charge off a USB battery pack?

Yes, and Arsenal supports USB IQ for fast 2-amp charging from a USB battery pack or computer (not included) — or from the included USB wall adapter if you have AC power handy.

Can the firmware be upgraded in the future?

Yes, since Arsenal communicates with your iOS or Android smartphone, firmware upgrades can be loaded from the app. When new firmware is ready, the app will let you know and give you the option to update.

Does my phone need to be connected during a timelapse?

Arsenal’s hardware handles the timelapse. Once the timelapse is set up, you no longer need your phone. You can walk away and come back later. Your phone will update to the current progress and let you see a preview or change settings while the timelapse is running.

How about Panasonic, Pentax, and Olympus support?

As much as we would like to support every camera and every camera brand, we're limited by how many cameras we can get our hands on to test. After we ship to our early backers, we'll start working on adding support for more cameras. Please wait until then to buy if your camera isn't supported. In the mean time, signup below to get notified when new cameras are added:

Does Arsenal need an internet connection?

Shooting with Arsenal works fine whether or not you have an internet connection. You will occasionally need an internet connection to update Arsenal's software and firmware.

Does Arsenal work with manual focus lenses?

Yes, but with a few limitations. Without autofocus on a lens the following happens:

  • Arsenal's AI won't set our variant of the hyperfocal distance.
  • No tap to focus
  • Focus stacking switches to manual mode, where it tells you the distance markings to move the focus ring to and waits for you to move it and push a button before it takes each shot.

Can you use Arsenal handheld? (without a tripod)


On DSLR's there is a handsfree mirror-down AI mode. It constantly adjusts settings to Arsenal's suggestions instead of changing them when you push the button on the app. Since Arsenal doesn't have access to the live view data, some of the attributes it looks at when choosing settings are only updated after you press the shutter. (So if you move to a new location, you'll need to take a photo to update Arsenal's suggestions)

On Mirrorless cameras, there's a handsfree mode that does all of the AI calculations and continually updates settings.

Handheld mode can be entered by holding down the power button for 3 seconds (or from the app)

Still have questions?

Visit support.witharsenal.com for additional support and answers.