February 17 Shipping Update

Hey everyone, Ryan here.

As I mentioned in my last Update, I wanted to post a quick, weekly mini-Update on shipping progress.

Shipping Status

United States:

All SKUs/USB Cable types are in our warehouse and we’ve been shipping 1,000+ Arsenal 2s (Standard + Pro) per day recently. We brought in some outside help to assist with the volume and it’s been going very well - our delivery rates are very high (>99.5%) and some are even reaching customers the same day.

Our goal was to complete shipping of U.S. orders by February 25th, and we remain on track for that goal.

Also, as I mentioned in my last Update, Fuji USB-C cameras we had held off shipping given some early feedback from backers. We’ve squashed most of those bugs, are working on one last one that’s taking a while (an issue with Deep Color debayering), and we’ve now begun shipping all remaining Fuji camera orders..


We’ve shipped over 1,000 units to Canada so far and remain on track to hit our March 3 goal.

Asia/Australia/Other Regions:

We continue to ship to these regions via our Hong Kong fulfillment partner. The Hong Kong COVID spike continues to be a challenge and impact how many units we can ship each day. We are getting some units out each day, but often our batches of Arsenal 2s aren’t completed until 1-3 days later than usual. Given that, I’m going to push the final shipping date from February 25 to March 4 here. Most of you should get a notice by February 25, but I want to ensure we can hit the end date for everyone.


As I mentioned in our last Update we expected Arsenal 2s to clear Customs and begin moving to our fulfillment center partners on February 16 (yesterday). That did indeed happen! It’s exciting news to see these Arsenal 2s moving again.

Our goal from the last update was a March 4 completion for shipping Europe orders, and we remain on track to hit that goal. European orders will begin shipping next week.

I’ll be back next week with another mini-Update on shipping. Thanks for all of your support!

  • Ryan