March Shipping Update

Hey everyone, Ryan here.

A quick mini-update on shipping and getting started with Arsenal 2.

Shipping Status

United States:

Complete for orders placed before February 20th.

U.S. orders from February 20th to March 6th will go out the week of March 7th. All other U.S. orders have been shipped. If for some reason yours hasn't, please email


90% completed. The remaining Canadaian pre-orders will go out the week of March 7th.

Asia/Australia/Other Regions:

80% completed. The remaining pre-orders for this region will go out by the week of March 7th. Note that some orders had exceptions with the address provided and we have reached out to some of you to correct some information.


Shipping has started for the EU/UK and most of the shipments will complete the week of March 7th. About 20% will go out the week of March 14th.

Getting Started

If you haven’t received your Arsenal 2 yet, I strongly encourage you to go to when you receive it. In addition to the general setup instructions, the camera brand/model specific instructions are highly recommended.

Most often when a backer has an issue out of the box, it’s due to a camera setting that Arsenal 2 can’t change (and sometimes even see) on its own. The symptoms of having even just one setting off can be quite impactful and can include not being able to connect to Arsenal 2 or trigger a shot. We strongly encourage backers to look at the recommendations in our setup articles before beginning.

In the next Update I’ll share some more news about Arsenal 2’s technology, bugs we’ve squashed, and features we’re testing. Thanks for all of your support!

  • Ryan