Update #15

Hey everyone, we’re starting off the week right with two great updates!

The Arsenal mobile application is now available in both the Android and Apple App Stores! After our last update on Friday we received several hundred requests for the test version of the app. We were working on sending those out when the approvals came in! If you requested a TestFlight invite you can simply download the app as you normally would from the app store.

You can find the app by searching for “Arsenal Remote”. Feel free to take a look around and familiarize yourself with the application. Many features don’t work in the app without the Arsenal hardware, but the demo mode available in iOS lets you get to know the app. Unfortunately the Google app doesn’t have a demo mode similar to the one in iOS, so you won’t be able to see much without the Arsenal hardware.

In other exciting news, Arsenals have begun to ship! Tracking info has been sent to those whose device has shipped. If you didn’t receive tracking info today yours hasn’t shipped yet. For those that pre-ordered by March 31, your Arsenal will be shipping very soon. For our second group of pre-order customers, thank you for your support. We’re confident we’ll be shipping your Arsenals on schedule in September.

As a reminder, this is only the beginning of the shipping process. We’re starting in small groups and then ramping up shipments to ensure a positive outcome and experience. Shipments will continue through the month of June. When your order ships, you will receive an email confirmation with tracking info. You will receive additional notifications when the shipment reaches various key stages (out for delivery, delivery complete, any exceptions, etc.). We’re really sorry, but for a variety of logistical reasons we cannot provide time estimates or updates on specific orders before they ship.

Also, one other note: our support team is being trained to begin answering more technical questions and working on other launch-related activities. It would be really helpful if folks could avoid asking shipping timeline questions about their specific order. By letting the support team focus on expanding their knowledge base we’ll get Arsenals out faster and with better support. We’ll post updates so everyone knows the status as we have them.

We’ve done our best to ensure everyone has a great experience with Arsenal, and there’s much more to come as we roll out software updates. We’re going to be shiping Arsenals out as quickly as we can without sacrificing quality. We’ll be constantly listening to your feedback to ensure the highest level of quality is met. If all goes smoothly we still expect to ship all confirmed orders from our pre-April 1, 2018 orders in June.

Thanks again for your incredible support and understanding as we continue on this journey.

  • Ryan