New Cameras, Improved Handheld Mode, iOS/Android Updates

Hey Everyone, Ryan here.

We just deployed a new iOS and Android release with a bunch of great updates. First, we added support for five new cameras. The Sony A7R V, Canon R6ii, Canon R7, Nikon Z8, and Nikon Z9. Thanks to everyone who helped test on these cameras to get them out the door.

This release also makes some major improvements to handheld mode. In addition to some bug fixes for handheld mode, we’ve improved performance and settings calculation. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

We made some performance improvements to the Android app and brought it up to the latest on all of its dependencies. There were a few bug fixes related to firmware updates from recovery mode, live view flicker, and syncing photos to your phone. The Android app is getting a lot of love lately, so expect more releases soon.

On the iOS side, we had a few minor bug fixes and tracked down one rare crash. We also fixed a bug with shutter speed formatting on some cameras.

For those of you waiting for units, the latest production run is currently shipping. Everyone that has ordered before today should have their units shipped the first week of August. The next run won’t come in until later this year, but again, any orders before today will go out in the next few weeks.