Arsenal 2 Update

Hey everyone, Ryan here.

I wanted to provide a quick update on our latest Arsenal 2 production run, so let’s jump into it.

If you’re waiting for a unit from our latest production run, we had a few delays in receiving parts, but we now have 98% of the parts necessary to complete a production run (for both Arsenal 2 and Arsenal 2 Pro). There are a few components we’re still waiting on, but we are expecting them to arrive in the next two weeks (based on commitments from the suppliers).

Some parts we have a portion of the total demand needed to fulfill pre-orders, but we’re not going to wait for the whole batch to begin manufacturing. That means we can begin shipping sooner (see below), and we’ll still finish manufacturing in May as the remaining parts come in. As this is our third Arsenal 2 manufacturing run (and all with the same manufacturer), we’re expecting a smooth process and continued high quality manufacturing.

Given the above manufacturing timeline, Arsenal 2s will begin shipping in May as expected. We’ll start by shipping the earliest pre-orders first. We expect to complete most shipping in May, with some more recent orders shipping in June. We will send out an email with tracking info once your order has been shipped.

New Cameras

Ben, one of our software engineers, is finalizing adding support for the following cameras: Sony A7RV, Canon R7, Canon R6ii, Nikon Z9. We expect those to launch in May. If you want to change your camera cable to support one of those cameras, email

Looking for a different camera we don’t currently support? Be sure to vote on any cameras you want added here: The feedback helps us prioritize our development efforts and is greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your continued support.

  • Ryan