Launch Update

Hey everyone, Ryan here.

We’ve been hard at work finalizing the manufacturing and testing of Arsenal 2, and we’re just about ready to begin shipping. So let’s jump into some updates.

Manufacturing Update

As we discussed in the last update we ran into some issues with the eMMC Linux driver and the power on one of the integrated circuits. We resolved those issues and saw units testing extremely well as they ran off the production line.

I’m happy to report that we saw no other major issues with the manufacturing process, and manufacturing is now 99% completed!

The final 1% are being worked on now (a combination of some rework and a few PCBs we rejected and wanted to have remade) and should be available for shipment soon.

Shipping Update

As Arsenal 2s have been rolling off the assembly line we’ve been shipping them to various fulfillment centers in batches, located in the EU/UK, Asia/AU, Canada, and the U.S. Units are still in various stages of transport - some are being processed at fulfillment centers and almost ready to ship, some are going through customs, others are still en route to the fulfillment centers, and the remaining are being picked up from our contract manufacturer this week.

Despite our paying for air freight, shipping has so far been a little longer than we were quoted, mostly due to COVID-related delays and/or customs. Our first batch of units is being processed at a fulfillment center this week and will be ready to begin shipping next week. Once ready next week, we’ll start the first wave of shipments to backers (the U.S. and Asia/AU are ready first). After that, we’ll continue shipping in waves as fulfillment centers can process our orders and as more Arsenal 2s arrive from the contract manufacturer.

In our last update we had stated a target of beginning shipping directly to backers on December 15, and finishing by January 14. Given the slight logistics delays, we’ll begin shipping directly to backers no later than December 23 and expect to finish by January 24.

Software Features

On the software side, we continue to test and improve the Arsenal 2 experience. We’ve had some really great feedback from early testers and we’re excited with what they’re reporting, especially when it comes to the overall speed and user experience of Arsenal 2, Deep Color, and the new Crowd Control feature. The new firmware update process has also been really well received - you’ll never be stuck in the field needing to do an update again.

We’ve worked through most of the feedback and issues that have been reported, but Panorama needs a little more work on our end. To make sure everyone has a great experience with Pano, we’re going to hold off on rolling out the Panorama feature with the Arsenal 2 app launch. We expect to push a firmware update with Panorama sometime in January.

Wrap Up

We’re here at the home stretch of preparing for the Arsenal 2 launch and we’re all extremely excited. Arsenal 2 is a big improvement from Arsenal 1, one that’s really noticeable when you get to begin playing with it. Second systems can be very difficult in the technology world for a variety of reasons, but once you get there it can really pay off with a great product, and we think Arsenal 2 is just that.

Lastly, I’ll provide an update next week once those first units go out. And if you have any issues with shipping or Arsenal 2 once you have it, please reach out

Thanks for all of your incredible support, and I can’t wait for you to get to try Arsenal 2!

  • Ryan