Going Big

Arsenal started as a fun way to try and make my own photography simpler. I had a few techniques I had created to get sharper photos and wanted to automate it. I do a lot of night photography. Night photography can be frustrating because you make so many mistakes. You're out late at night (often 2–4am), so your mind isn’t operating at 100%. It’s also dark and things are moving fast. (The earth moves fast enough that the milk way might not be in the right position if you take too long to set up a shot) You're also dealing with long exposures, so you don’t that many tries to get things right.

Where was I... Right… Arsenal. I have been working on Arsenal off and on for the past few years. After seeing some of the reactions to it from fellow photographers, I decided to try to build it into a product. The plan is to launch a Kickstarter in late May.

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