October 2019 Update

October 2019 Update

Hey everyone, Ryan here. I wanted to give a short update on Arsenal. I have a longer update planned that’s coming, but before then wanted to update you on a few things.

You may have noticed we’ve released three new builds of Arsenal in the last three weeks. That’s quite a bit more than our normal pace. The builds were primarily driven by Apple’s roll-out of iOS 13.

Whenever there’s a major iOS or Android release we test Arsenal and ensure there’s nothing that impacts how we interface with your phone. At times nothing changes, but iOS 13 was a pretty big release and it changed quite a bit in terms of how we connect to Arsenal. In addition, for a variety of reasons Apple ended up releasing 4 subsequent versions of iOS 13 in the last three weeks. Each of these required testing, and some of them did introduce further changes we had to adjust for. That’s largely why we’ve had to do a second and third build in the last three weeks.

Sorry Android users, Apple updates even affect you. On the plus side, we did include some small fixes/improvements in the Android updates, as well as adding some new cameras (see below).

Also, a little life hack for those that have important shoots coming up and don’t want to get stuck doing a firmware update in the field: if you disable auto updates for all of your apps on your phone you won’t have a firmware update sneak up on you. For instructions, see here for iOS and here for Android.

Anyway, long story short we believe the release of v0.9.92 yesterday, October 16, addressed all of the necessary changes related to iOS 13. If you’re having any issues on an iOS 13 device, please reach out to us and we’ll jump on any remaining challenges (help@witharsenal.com).

In addition to the iOS 13 changes, there’s been a number of other updates in these last three builds. You can check out the full release notes, but a few quick highlights:

  • Night Exposure Added: When taking photos in the dark, Arsenal will use test shots to automatically set the exposure and other settings. This means smart mode will now work when it is too dark for your camera to meter. Depending on how dark it is and your camera's noise performance, it can usually calculate the exposure in about 15 seconds.

  • Added support for the Canon EOS Rebel T7, Canon EOS 2000D, Canon EOS Kiss X90, Canon 90D, and Canon EOS 1500D. Also, in our last few releases we added support for the Fuji X-T2, Canon EOS R and EOS RP, Nikon Z6, Nikon Z7, Nikon D3500, and the Sony A6400. If you have another camera you'd like to use Arsenal with and you don't see it on our supported list, let us know (help@witharsenal.com).

  • Improved handling of any dropped connections, particularly helpful for longer distance connections

In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions about the update or if you need any assistance with your Arsenal (help@witharsenal.com). Thanks again for all of the support.

  • Ryan