Meet Arsenal, the AI photography assistant


Founder & Software Developer

Hi, I’m Ryan. I grew up in the mountains of Montana. I learned programming as a kid and have been building products ever since. I studied Computer Science, and began my journey with machine learning over a decade ago. In 2012 I started a data analysis company using early deep learning techniques.

I also enjoy photography and the outdoors. My passion is landscape photography, specifically night photography, but I’m branching out more and more. Arsenal is my creation. I’ve been working on it off and on for a while now, and two years ago I decided to focus all of my efforts on it.

You can follow my photography on Instagram or 500px. I’ll be posting updates on Arsenal on the blog and Instagram.


Hardware Engineering

Phillip is an electrical engineer who has spent most of his career developing mass-market medical devices.

Phillip’s deep expertise in device engineering and assembly shaped Arsenal’s hardware strategy and informed the design decisions that will make it possible to produce the product efficiently at scale.



After starting his career on political and environmental campaigns, Keith now spends his time working with talented entrepreneurs to grow early-stage businesses.

A product marketer by trade, Keith also has a lifelong love of photography. He served as the photography editor of his high school and college newspapers and has been shooting with DSLRs ever since the original Canon Rebel debuted in 2003.